Barbara A. Pierce lived in Memphis, Tennessee until she moved to New York City at a very early age. She attended junior high there, then high school in Mount Vernon. After graduating, she worked as a telephone operator for two and a half years before entering college in Pennsylvania. Upon receiving a degree in education, she began a career as an elementary school teacher that lasted for 35 years.

It was during that time she pursued and earned a Master's Degree in education and reading. After retiring in 2003, she became a substitute teacher at the same school. Since retirement, she has written children's books. "Remembering Our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies" is number ten.

Miss Pierce has written nine children's books since retiring from teaching. She contends that the positive response to her work inspires her to continue. And she plans to do so as long as she has fun and interesting things to share.


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