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Remembering our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies

Black Americans have been an integral part of the American scene for hundreds of years. Those that you will read about here are the phoenixes that arose from the depths of slavery, or a segregated society. Against all odds, through perseverance, drive and commitment they accomplished greatness.    Read more →

Remembering our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies II

The purpose of this book of brief biographies is to keep the memory of our black trailblazers alive, and to inspire further research on these extraordinary individuals.

In spite of the racial divide and the negative sentiments that existed during their time, they pursued a path that improved the dire circumstances of many. It often came at a cost, nevertheless, adversity fueled their determination to make a difference. Their brave actions and significant contributions changed the course of history. The men and women mentioned in this book are but a fraction of those that were instrumental in bringing about that change.    Read more →

The Emperor's Regret

The Emperor’s Regret is an original folktale that tells the story of a popular young emperor who makes the decision to denounce his former lifestyle for another. When he is brought face to face with a surprisingly reality, it changes his way of looking at his very own existence. Can he endure the twist and turns his life is about to take?    Read more →