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CUTV News Radio spotlights author Barbara A. Pierce

White Plains, NY – Barbara A. Pierce is a retired elementary school teacher and author of 14 books for children. Pierce is the author of six children’s books: The Perfect Place for Toodles; Mama Lupita’s Puree Ole; A Mystery in Winters Park; The Game That Sam Plays; Sophie Virginia and the Little Red Boots; and The Emperor’s Regret. She has also written three books of poetry for children: From an Ant Hill Springs a Mountain; Whichever Way the Wind Blows; Just South of the Rainbow. Her next book What’s Troubling the Old Manor House is currently awaiting release.    Read more →

TWIA: Remembering Our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies by Barbara A. Pierce

The purpose of this book of brief biographies is to keep the memory of our black trailblazers alive, and to inspire further research on these extraordinary individuals. In spite of the racial divide and the negative sentiments that existed during their time, they pursued a path that improved the dire circumstances of many. It often came at a cost, nevertheless, adversity fueled their determination to make a difference.    Read more →

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